List of all recorded mappers :

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Name Last update* Benchmarked
ABMapper Unknown No
AGILE Unknown No
B-Solana 2011-11-01 No
BarraCUDA 2013-09-26 No
BatMeth 2013-04-01 No
BFAST 2011-04-22 Yes
Bismark 2013-12-03 No
BOAT Unknown No
Bowtie 2010-09-07 Yes
Bowtie2 2013-02-21 Yes
BRAT 2012-07-03 No
BRAT BW 2012-03-13 No
BS SEEKER 2010-07-21 No
BSMAP 2013-01-01 No
BWA 2010-10-17 Yes
BWT-SW Unknown No
CASHX 2010-10-15 No
ChIP-Seq 2012-08-29 No
CLC read mapper Unknown No
CleaveLand Unknown No
CloudAligner Unknown No
CloudBurst Unknown No
CokusAlignment Unknown No
CRAC 2013-09-30 No
Cushaw 2013-10-29 No
DrFast Unknown No
DynMap Unknown No
ERNE-MAP Unknown No
Exonerate Unknown No
FANGS Unknown No
* : We try to make sure these are as up-to-date as possible but errors can occur.